Nuffield Health’s new premises get in shape

Who wouldn’t want to work in an office with a front-of-house juice bar and concierge?

Nuffield Health wanted a new headquarters that would reflect the values of the organisation. They also wanted a people-centric place with an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

Nuffield Health’s new office fitout came directly from a consultancy process with Morgan Lovell. The UK’s largest not-for-profit organisation wanted a narrative workplace; one that tells the story of Nuffield Health. To that end, the new space was designed with a rustic and homey feeling, with exposed and informal surfaces, to create an atmosphere of comfort and wellbeing. The fully equipped gym was placed in perfect view of anyone coming through the door.

Nuffield also wanted a space which reflected new ways of working. Now there’s an emphasis on hot-desking and an increased use of dynamic spaces, as well as a new focus on activity-based working for its 450 staff members. Morgan Lovell identified that the organisation wasn’t really making use of its ten-person meeting rooms and really needed smaller rooms. There are now learning centres for lectures and seminars, a fully equipped ‘tech bar’ and a large staff café complete with a ‘community wall’ of eight 55-inch screens connecting HQ to the community.

Contemplation spaces were really important to the staff members so Morgan Lovell refurbished the courtyard area for both contemplation and outside working, adding a pergola and plants to encourage staff usage. There’s also a new cafeteria area with a focus on healthy eating.

The result is a workplace which encapsulates Nuffield Health’s people and wellbeing-focused philosophies whilst also reflecting its willingness to embrace new technologies and new ways of working.

Nuffield Health Group Organisation Development/HR Director Marcus Powell’s words say it all:

“Our new office perfectly reflects the core values of our organisation. It is people-centric and has a balanced emphasis on health and wellbeing. We love it!”