Skype is a free spirit…Morgan Lovell captured the essence of our personality.

Facilities Manager, Skype

With most of their staff under the age of 30, Skype is a young company in more ways than one. So when they asked us to design their flagship office in London, we knew we could push the boundaries to design something really exciting and fresh.

The idea was to create a domestic feel, with living rooms, lounges and kitchens instead of boardrooms, cubicles and canteens. Our designer on the project explains: 

“Skype wanted a ‘living room’ to work in, so we created a series of ‘soft’ spaces in between the open plan desks, to break up what would otherwise be a monotonous layout. We also created a kitchen/cafe where people can hold impromptu brainstorming meetings, seated round big, diner-style booths.”

The flagship office has now set the precedent for all Skype offices around the world.