"Autodesk is saving $1 million at our Farnborough office every two years thanks to the environmental design from Morgan Lovell"


What makes a 'green' office?

Autodesk's UK office is saving $1 million every two years because of its sustainable design. In this video, Sophie Hutchinson gives a tour of the office, which also achieved both LEED Gold and Ska Silver accreditation.

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Sustainable office design checklist

Simplify the complex process of going green by downloading our easy-to-follow checklist, and ensure your next office is as good for the environment as it is for your staff and business.

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Sustainability consultancy

An office that saves you money without costing the Earth. Discover why green should be the colour of your next office.

Sustainability is about more than simply looking after the environment. Nowadays, it's also about improving employee health, working more efficiently and reducing energy costs by up to 25%. Add this to government tax breaks and there's no wonder companies are choosing green for their new offices.

How we build sustainability into your business