Our consultancy team works with clients to develop and define a workplace strategy that best fits the needs of their organisation.

What is workplace consultancy?

Workplace consultancy involves our team working closely with clients to understand your business needs, vision and goals, but especially your people and what makes them tick. Through engagement, we develop a deep understanding of people and processes to create a detailed client brief. We then continue to be the guardians of your brief whilst the workplace project is being designed and delivered. 

Our approach

We believe in evidence led design. Our team gains a deep understanding of your business – your needs and goals, your people, your culture, existing systems, policies and workplace technologies. This forms the canvas upon which we design your workplace strategy.

Defining your strategy

We gather the necessary information through utilisation studies where we look at how your current space is used, interviews with staff and key stakeholders and online surveys where we ask the questions that matter. We then conduct workshops where we explore what would work best for your business. We are highly experienced in various sectors and often suggest best practice through lessons learnt to assist our clients.

What are the benefits?

A well-defined and thought out workplace strategy not only defines your brief, but can help increase people productivity and staff morale. It can help you attract and retain the best talent and ultimately allow you to perform better as an organisation. Our approach has helped companies to create flexible, efficient workplaces that saves them money whilst increasing effectiveness of the workplace.

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