A new office design or fit out is a chance to inspire your staff and bring your culture to life.

Growing natural capital | Tree by tree

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Office Design + Fit Out

The balanced workplace and the office of the future

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What is the balanced workplace?

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Shifting office design up a gear

Motoring giant Hyundai shifted gear with their dynamic new office design in Leatherhead »

Re-defining the standard of Cat A offices

Workplace settings and the office of the future

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Free-flowing collaboration

We had a clear mission when designing Water Aid's new office fit out; creating a sustainable, collaborative and engaging office.

Blending state of the art office design with cutting-edge research

This fit out blends state of the art office design with cutting-edge research. Explore »

Creating an urban tech playground

What are the top five people-focused workplaces in the UK?

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To the moon and back

The definition of a designer workplace

This designer workplace not only looks great, but supports the firm's focus on clients, collaboration and teamwork.

The next level in office design

Take the lead in this collaborative space designed to captivate players »

Organic Office Design

This office leaves you feeling bright and energised - just like having a full-body scrub! Explore »

Innovation meets collaboration

We crafted a space for these tech geniuses that reflects their business, culture and innovative vision »

Office Furniture

Home working: isolation doesn’t mean you’re isolated

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Workplace Consultancy

Fit out Q&A: difference between Cat A & B fit out

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