We are proud to be recognised as a finalist in the 'Innovation' category for our sponsorship of four Year 12 students studying Product Design, at Queen Elizabeth's Boys School in Barnet - inspiring them to think up an innovative and effective clean air solution.

Each of the aspiring engineers were inspired to explore an effective design for dust extraction units or ‘dust cubes’, which are an electromechanical form of extraction fan and dust collection, capturing construction dusts through usually a paper-based filter.

These machines have a function and help to mitigate dust levels together with other controls such as dampening down, dust extraction at source when cutting/sanding materials, and respiratory personal protective equipment. However, their filters need regular maintenance or replacement and their fan motors have a constant, reasonably loud droning noise.

The product works on the principle that the dirt/dust particles will dissolve once inside water, their product creates suction applied to the top of the product and the dust is sucked in through the tube in the side, the tube leads into the reservoir of water, where the dust is retained.

The nature of the device has allowed the students to meet and exceed the goals set out to them, making both Morgan Lovell and the students confident that the device meets the needs of the construction industry, both now and in the future.

The innovative product can be taken up by manufacturers and will be publicised by Considerate Constructors Scheme on their best practice hub and the Construction Health & Safety Group (Chertsey) to help support our work to encourage the next generation of construction managers and engineers.

We are proud to be nominated, and look forward to the Awards on 1st July.