BES 6001

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What is BES 6001?

BES 6001 is a standard developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) based on the premise that responsible sourcing is vitally important when procuring construction materials. It is a standard that is focused on manufacturers sourcing materials responsibly. Therefore it is not organisations that are covered by the certification.

The assessment and certification is provided for a wide range of materials and products.

This is the third edition of the standard and it was launched in 2014.

Requirements for BES 6001 certification

The standard sets out requirements within three sections:

1. Organisational management

2. Supply chain management

3. Environmental and social issues

To meet this standard, there are compulsory requirements which a manufacturer must demonstrate, document and implement:

  • responsible sourcing policy
  • legal compliance
  • quality management system
  • supplier management system
  • material traceability
  • environmental management systems
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • resource use
  • waste prevention and management
  • water abstraction
  • life-cycle assessment
  • transport impacts
  • employment and skills
  • local communities

How is BES 6001 scored?

Each of the compulsory and voluntary credits are allocated a score. These credits are then added together to give an overall certification level: excellent, very good, good or pass. Further credits are available by expanding on these requirements (eg. 14001 EMS).

This Standard will also provide a route to obtaining credits under the BREEAM family of certification schemes.

Certification can be allocated as: a corporate label - all products; manufacturing site labels - one or a group of production sites; and product labels - specific product line.

How long does BES 6001 last?

Certification lasts three years but each product must undergo an annual verification to check that certain aspects are being maintained.

What is the relevance of BES 6001 to office fit out?

Using BES 6001 certified suppliers demonstrates a responsible approach to sourcing.

You’re able to trace the products used through a designated methodology. The standard dictates that a minimum of 60% of the constituent materials in the assessed product shall be traceable to the suppliers responsible for:

  • the extraction of raw materials; or
  • the recovery of recycled materials; or
  • the production of by-products; or
  • the processing of commodity traded chemicals.

BES 6001 is one of the responsible sourcing schemes used by BREEAM (2014; 2011; 2008). This signifies that using suppliers certified with BES 6001 makes it easier to attain MAT 03 – Responsible Sourcing credits.

Using suppliers certified by the scheme means that you’re able to achieve many elements of good practice:

  • ISO 14001 (or equivalent);
  • ISO 9001 (or equivalent);
  • OSHAS 18001 (or ISO 45001:2018).

Using certified suppliers demonstrates your commitment to a low carbon future.