The trend towards creating the agile workplace has been around for more than a decade, but what impact has it had on workplace culture, staff productivity, wellbeing and ultimately the bottom line?

Big name brands have taken very different approaches – on the US West Coast, the huge workplaces of the tech superpowers still promote 1:1 working environments, while for many years financial institutions in Australia have been successfully implementing activity-based workplaces.

Meanwhile the backlash against open environments is growing increasingly noisy, with claims that they do not support their intended increased collaboration. It’s a confusing picture – is the agile workplace still the future, or has it had its day?

Join us to hear a passionate exchange about the virtues and vices of agile working. You’ll take away thought-provoking ideas with a splattering of humour.


  • Does an agile workplace help businesses attract the best or does it just appeal to a narrow talent pool?
  • Does it improve staff productivity and happiness or is it dysfunctional and stressful?
  • Can a focus on productivity ever really erase the ‘presenteeism’ undercurrent?
  • What type of companies have thrived with the agile workplace? Are there some that could simply never adopt it?
  • What have companies done where they have rejected the agile workplace?

Meet the speakers

Industry titan, Neil Usher, will lead the session and guide you through the virtues and vices of The Agile Workplace.

Your host: Neil Usher, workessence

Alastair Barr, Chair, Barr Gazettas. Alistair will take us through a joint case study with recent client, Anomaly. He'll also talk about moving towards co-working.

Christopher Allen, Head of Workplace, Morgan Lovell. Chris will breakdown the jargon, explaining what an agile workplace means in its various forms, providing anecdotal examples.

Janet Miles, Head of Communications and Campaigns, Livability. Janet will take us through a journey of how an agile workplace translates in reality; the scales within it, tips and pitfalls to look out for.