Join us for a breakfast seminar to demystify wellbeing in the workplace.

This isn’t your standard wellbeing session. Wellbeing is about more than just a bowl of fruit in your workplace and ticking the box.

We have three brilliant speakers who will share their insights.

Who should attend?

Facilities Managers, HR and IT professionals, who are passionate about or responsible for their business’s wellbeing and workplace strategy.

What you’ll learn?

  • The latest wellbeing accreditations.
  • How wellbeing can impact the workforce’s productivity and ideas on how to tackle inactivity.
  • Best practice examples from leading businesses who are using wellbeing to enhance their competitive edge in the talent race.
  • What wellbeing means to the whole workforce, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z.

Dr Davina Deniszczyc

Charity and Medical Director at Nuffield Health

Davina will share insights from Nuffield Health's white paper that looks at how to help employers identify the best ways to increase physical activity and reduce inactivity in the workplace. The research was funded by Sport England.

Jim Taylour

Head of Design & Wellbeing at Orangebox

A renowned wellbeing expert and public speaker, Jim will explore how wellness impacts all employees, regardless of role, rank or age.

Dr Joe Croft

Head of Environmental & Sustinability at Morgan Lovell

Joe will present an overview of the WELL Building Standard and the Fitwell Certification System. He'll demonstrate how Deloitte’s new office at New Square in London is the trailblazer in workplace wellness.