Destination Workplace Breakfast Seminar: 9 March 2017

Creating a nice place to work is a given for most businesses, but creating an office that both attracts and energises top talent is a lot harder. Come along to our free breakfast seminar to hear our experts share tips on how to get it right.

Who it's for

Anyone involved in the relocation, re-design or refurbishment of their office space.

We'll share with you

  • The latest trends and strategies behind re-designing your office
  • Tips and tricks for finding the perfect location and what to look out for
  • Ideas, tips and tools to make your new office space project a success
  • How to engage your staff in order to create a great place to work
  • Results from the British Council for Offices (BCO) occupiers satisfaction report by RealService
  • A guided tour around our offices, where we successfully created our very own ‘destination workplace’


8:30am: Registration and breakfast

It’s not just location, location, location

Mat Oakley, Head of European Commercial Research at Savills

Mat will give you an update on the commercial property market and discuss what to look out for when choosing a property for a 'destination workplace'. Will Brexit make landlords more flexible on rents and terms, and will developers turn off projects, making suitable spaces harder to find? He'll also share what the key themes are ahead that will define a 'destination workplace'.

Give the people what they want

Howard Morgan, Founder and Managing Director from RealService

Howard will present the results of his research into what occupiers really want in office space. What is on the top of their lists and what will make the biggest difference to the growth of their business?

Destination workplace

Sam Sahni, Head of Workplace Consultancy for Morgan Lovell

Sam will take you through the steps to creating a workplace as a ‘destination’. He’ll walk you through case studies of companies who have built business cases around providing staff with a wide choice of office perks, and how they have succeeded in adding value to their business.

10am: Networking

Attendance is free, however places are limited.