After working from home for so long the pandemic has changed people’s expectations of the workplace and how your office is designed. As it's no longer enough to provide rows of desks and tea points, what do people expect and need?

This webinar will explore the practical steps you should take to make your workplace a place where your people will want to come to, collaborate, and thrive.

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Matt Phelan

Head of Happiness at The Happiness Index

Matt is a Co-Founder and Head of Global Happiness at The Happiness Index. In his day to day role he is responsible for the global expansion of the business. Matt is founder of The Happiness and Humans Community, host of The Happiness and Humans Podcast and author of the published book Freedom To Be Happy: The Business Case for Happiness (available on Amazon).

Paul Dare

Head of Design at Morgan Lovell

Paul is Head of Design at Morgan Lovell London and leads a team of passionate and creative designers and visualisers. For the last 20 years he has been designing workplaces across London and major cities in Europe. He regularly speaks and writes about workplace design and culture.