Join our webinar to uncover the future of office design, and what trends to look out for in 2019.

What’s the future of office design?

Join us to discover the trends that will define 2019.

Paul Dare and Adrian Norman, our heads of design, will discuss the future of office design in this short webinar. Find out what trends are set to flourish in the next year and which ones have found themselves irrelevant. Stay ahead of the curve, and make sure your investment in your office pays.

It’ll be a concise 30 minute webinar discussing the latest trends, followed by a chance to ask questions and join in a discussion with other audience members. We’ll be polling participants throughout to tailor the discussion for your own sector and workplace.

Key trends we'll discuss

  • Creating your connected office with the latest technology
  • The rise of co-working spaces and how this impacts traditional office design
  • Flexible office design through lightweight and mobile furniture
  • Integrating biophilia into your wellbeing strategy
  • Controlling acoustics in an open plan office