Adrian Norman, Surrey

We’re going to see the Shoreditch look expand beyond E1 and into regional areas across the country. Think exposed services, painted bricks and funky feature fittings - all helping to bring the warehouse feel into the office. Workplaces will be moving on from the traditional corporate look, taking inspiration from co-working spaces to create somewhere that’s more akin to an oversized cafe, rather than an office. Even some of our more corporate clients are using recycled finishings and getting rid of white desks!

Health and wellbeing will take centre stage with a more strategic usage of indoor plants - adding that much-needed element of biophilia to the workplace. Sit stand desks are also becoming more popular as people recognise the health benefits of standing throughout the day.

Nathan Watson, Croydon

I imagine we’re going to see almost all commercial furniture and finishes disappear in 2018, with less business-like furnishings as Millennials and the Upcoming Generation Z continuing to demand that feeling of a home away from home.

I also envisage smaller offices and co-working spaces popping up, not just in London, but also the surrounding regions due to the boom of startups filling market gaps between traditional businesses. We’re going to see more small businesses come of age and expanding into their own space. These offices will be focussed on untethered working, without any dedicated desks in sight!

Amanda Godwin-Jones, London

Craftsmanship is massively back en vogue. The attention to detail and impact that a real person and their ‘hands’ have in producing a unique piece of furniture or design is second to none. The fact that we can blend technology and craftsmanship into a design makes us incredibly excited for the future - think of it as handcrafted technology.

Clients are beginning to understand that not everything has to be mass-produced and bringing some history and beauty into their space is becoming paramount. Mass production has its place, but who wants a workspace full of the same products in the same finishes?

Tim Polisano, Reading

I think the move towards a more informal, homely workspace will continue and even branch into the traditionally corporate sectors of banking and law. Creating this friendly environment will expand into biophilia, where plants and greenery will play an ever-important role in helping employees feel relaxed and at-home in the workplace. Biophilia isn’t just plants though, as I think we’ll see an increase in natural materials and finishes - possibly contrasted with refined industrial aesthetics.

People are also creating a greater emphasis on wellbeing, so as awareness increases, I’m expecting to see wellbeing considerations factored into the base designs.