Moving office or renovating your fit out shouldn’t be scary. In fact, it’s quite the opposite - this is one of the biggest opportunities for your organisation to engage with staff. It’s a chance to embrace change and give your workforce a reason to come to the office.

Refresh your brand

Are you going through a rebrand, merger or big organisational change? A new fit out can make this an easier process with an upgraded home that's tailored to the needs of your brand or company structure. It’s a great chance to start from scratch and ensure that your office lives your brand values every day.

Opportunity for organisational change

As your business evolves, chances are that the space you designed five years ago isn’t being used as it was once intended. Departments may have been shuffled and roles re-defined, but your fit out probably hasn’t changed with your organisation. Undertaking a fit out or refurbishment is a great time to re-establish your team adjacencies. Is your sales team working more with the finance team than originally thought? Now’s your chance to get them on the same floor.

Maximise meeting space

Refurbishing or moving offices allows you to properly analyse the way people move across floors and use their facilities. This allows you to make your office that extra bit efficient, by finding out which kitchens or tea points are overused or under-occupied, and the same goes for meeting spaces. When we refurbished AMC Network’s office, we found that whilst fully-booked, most meeting rooms were severely under-occupied. This was because big meeting rooms didn’t cater for small catch-ups, or even staff just looking for a quiet place to work. This was addressed by providing more solo work spaces and quiet call booths throughout the open fit out. Different sized meeting spaces with varied facilities were implemented instead of the old ‘one room fits all’ approach.

Launch company initiatives

Have you been wanting to adopt activity-based working, but feel that your current space isn't set-up to facilitate new ways of working? Have your staff been asking for more breakout areas and space for spontaneous collaboration? This is a great chance to engage your people and embrace wellbeing initiatives that they've been crying out for. Previewing the new initiatives through sample desk setups or renovating a small breakout area can help make the change management piece easier, as your staff get a small taster of what to expect in their new office design. This can make them more familiar with their new space before the big day arrives.

Just work with one partner

Each element of your project doesn’t need to be outsourced to a different provider either. You can work with just one team that’ll update you on everything throughout the course of the project - via site visits, conference calls or even WhatsApp. You can be as involved and immersed in the project as you want, and those who engage have the best moving day! When you can put your trust in a team that delivers a different fit out every day, there’s no reason to fear the fit out after all!