Technology and the office of the future

Tuesday, 8th September 2020 – Insights

Morgan Lovell's office design for digital transformation at Riverbed

Four-part mini series: Influence of furniture in the post-COVID office

Monday, 10th August 2020 – Insights

Watch our video mini series about how office furniture and design will influence the post-COVID office.

The humble desk - do we really need one?

Tuesday, 4th August 2020 – Insights

Is the humble desk just flat and monochromatic, or can it offer us something more?

Can office furniture entice people back to the office?

Monday, 27th July 2020 – Insights

Furniture can help motivate staff to want to come back to your office »

Post covid future office

Post COVID-19: The office of the future

Tuesday, 16th June 2020 – Insights

COVID-19 has turned our personal lives and working worlds upside down; here's what we see in the 'office of the future'

Will activity-based working survive COVID-19?

Thursday, 14th May 2020 – Insights

With strict social distancing in place and a staged return to the office, will activity-based working ever regain it's popularity?

Desk with biophilic design

What do we miss most about the office?

Wednesday, 6th May 2020 – Insights

We share tips to help simulate the atmosphere and interactions of being in the office, at home.

Virgin's zebra in agile office design

Essentials for an agile office

Monday, 30th March 2020 – Insights

From collaboration zones to private nooks and lockers. Here are our top essentials for making the most of agile working.

Home working desk setup

Home working: isolation doesn’t mean you’re isolated

Monday, 2nd March 2020 – Insights

With working from home becoming increasingly popular, many are opting to embrace this alternative style of working.

Morgan Lovell workspace design

Engaging places: unleash your workplace's potential

Wednesday, 19th February 2020 – Insights

We take a look at how employee engagement can be boosted by a great office design and fit out.

Virgin office lockers

Office furniture: where ergonomics meets aesthetics

Friday, 3rd January 2020 – Insights

Great office furniture brings form and function together in perfect harmony.

Collaboration in the workplace

Webinar: 2020 office design trends

Thursday, 19th December 2019 – Insights

As we head into a new decade, our senior designer, Kailee Lane takes the opportunity to discuss what awaits in the next season of office design.