Wood provides warmth and character, yet it's underutilised in our modern workplaces. We look at great examples of using this timeless finish.

If you’re looking for an easy way to completely transform your office, wood features are a great place to start. From wood flooring and wooden wall cladding, to timber structures and wood furniture, this material can be crafted in to whatever your office space needs. With multi-tonal finishes in colours ranging from light beige to deep brown, the earthy tones will instantly bring warmth to your office space in a way that plastics or concrete finishes simply cannot replicate.

Studies have shown that exposure to wood, like other natural products, can boost our wellbeing and productivity, and help us feel more relaxed and energised. If you want to create a great looking office space that helps your people feel and perform at their best, wood is a great place to start!

Anomaly: Bleachers and staircase

This feature wooden staircase with integrated wooden bleachers makes a stunning central focal point at Anomaly in London.

The area is designed not only as a feature staircase, but doubles as a relaxed and opened collaboration space. Rustic wood boards provide a warm, inviting finish that encourages staff to ‘grab a step’ to chat with colleagues, far more than if concrete or tiled finishes had been used.

Wood is also a hard-wearing surface that can cope with heavier footfall and usage than fabric seats.

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Housing Solutions: The indoor gazebo

Taking centre stage at Housing Solutions is a fabulous indoor wooden gazebo. The structure is reminiscent of the wooden frame of a house, with clever furnishings to enhance the illusion of peeking into someone’s living room.

These homely comforts combined with the wood finish, bring warmth and a cosiness to the space that encourages colleagues to collaborate away from their desks, and feel ‘at home’.

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Costa Coffee: Auditorium seating

Wood is such a versatile material – you can use it to easily create bespoke furniture to fit your room. At Costa Coffee’s Basildon HQ, their large meeting space needed to accommodate different types and sizes of meetings, so this tiered wooden seating was the perfect, flexible solution.

For large meetings or small catchups, staff can pull out a ‘box’ from the voids under the wooden benches to create clusters of seating in the wider meeting space. Using natural wood was a great choice for Costa Coffee as it also serves as a reminder of the natural origins of their coffee.

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Manhattan Associates: Wood-clad meeting rooms

Biophilic design embraces all things natural to create spaces to boost wellbeing. It’s like walking in the countryside or viewing natural vistas – being close to nature makes us feel good!

At Manhattan Associates, we fully embraced this concept with recycled wood cladding on the walls around the meeting rooms and tea points as well as wood floors. As a result, the structures are reminiscent of a log cabin and users can step out and see the gardens beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows, giving a real sense of being at one with nature.

Lane4: Wood trim

At Lane4, creating a space to help people perform at their best was at the heart of their office design, so biophilic touches were used throughout. In this stunning atrium, wood is used as the perfect trim to frame their living walls, as well as for the floors.

It is used again for the overhead wooden beams extending from the kitchen to the coffee lounge, connecting the two areas. Together, these biophilic design elements help to bring the outside in!

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Lindt: Stump stools

From cocoa beans to Lindt chocolate bunnies, visitors to Lindt and Sprungli’s office can take a pew on one of these tree stump stools and ponder the natural origins of this divine product!

Teamed with wood floors and faux grass carpet, visitors get a sense of the great outdoors whilst enjoying this unusual choice of office furniture.

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Rackspace: Cosy booth

If you want to escape the hustle of a busy open plan office, this wooden booth is the perfect antidote. The booth provides a semi-private and enclosed space that allows staff to work in a quieter and more relaxed space. Using wood for the booth helps to bolster this sense of escapism as people tend to relax when they are near wood or other natural elements.

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MotoNovo: Textured wood wall

We’re so used to seeing wood in a panelled effect, it’s amazing how striking it can look when it’s turned on its side!

At Motonovo in Cardiff, we embraced the natural materials of the area with this textured wood wall, made up of a series of wooden blocks. Having a bespoke feature like this isn't only eye-catching, but also enhances biophilic design qualities that can help people feel good and improve wellbeing.

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Nuffield Health: Wooden gazebo and planters

If you’re lucky enough to have an outside space at your office, it’s a great opportunity to create a little oasis to relax or have informal meetings.

At Nuffield Health, we took a concrete courtyard and softened it with wood panelling, wood furniture and planters and this gorgeous wooden gazebo. With plants growing up it and images of woodland surrounding the space, staff can feel at one with nature, even when they’re at work.

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