There’s never a bad time to implement activity based working, but sometimes an upcoming event or change can present a great opportunity. Which catalyst applies to your business? 

  • A lease event, such as a break or end of term
  • Big strategy change
  • Merger or acquisition
  • Divestiture
  • Change in leadership
  • New product launches / teams
  • Culture change
  • Portfolio rationalisation 

Building a change team

Introducing Activity Based Working into your business can mean a huge cultural shift. It can be a daunting task for one individual to handle everything, so it’s a good idea to gather a team together to offer support. However, it’s worth having a single champion to head up the project to ensure things stay on track and you don’t suffer from ‘too many cooks’ syndrome. 

Choosing a champion

What sort of person should manage the project? The more senior the better as they’ll be reporting directly to the board, at least for the duration of the project.

  • Influencer from finance, HR or FM
  • Passionate about Activity Based Working
  • Good at sticking to budgets
  • Senior enough to make decisions
  • Experienced at multitasking
  • Skilled motivator
  • Knows your business inside-out
  • Great communicator
  • Highly organised