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The new offices of global nutrition company Herbalife were designed to reflect the core of the brand.

Pictures of the sports stars and teams sponsored by the company adorn the reception walls and when you walk into the main workspace it’s clear that activity is at the heart of everything Herbalife do.

Our remit was to get Herbalife moving but that didn’t mean installing a gym or running track. Instead it meant an open-plan office in which staff move around and talk to each other. It means no bins under desks so employees are encouraged to regularly get up from their chairs. It means the serendipity that comes from bumping into people you might not have seen in a while.

Interaction leads to collaboration and high-backed sofas are dotted around the large and airy space to facilitate closer teamwork. Private study booths mean that employees who need to get away from the bustle of the open plan space for a private phone call or a period of intense focus can do so. 

There are 150 employees in Herbalife’s London office and the meeting room suite is designed to be flexible, with moveable partitions to accommodate any size of crowd. Areas can be easily sealed off for more private or focused gatherings.  

The theme of relaxed and flexible interaction is continued in the employee café and shake bar, where natural light and comfortable seating encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. More active members of staff can play table football, while everyone can enjoy a daily Herbalife shake. 

There’s another nice contrast in the Herbalife offices too. One wall is decorated with a picture of global football superstar Lionel Messi, whose club, FC Barcelona, is sponsored by the brand, while another – the Wall of Recognition, no less – by photos of the successful independent Herbalife distributors who help to make it all possible. 

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