NYK, one of the largest shipping companies in the world, relocated from City Point to a premium 31,000 sq ft space at 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf. We worked with them to design and deliver a new modern workplace that reflects their culture and supports the way they need to work.

On the 11th floor the new office has a 360° panorama of London and is home to over 250 staff. Employees were spread across three floors in the old office, their established European HQ. The key challenge was to ensure that all staff fit comfortably on a single floor.

The design brief was to keep the space as open as possible with a central communal breakout area acting as a hub for staff to collaborate, relax or enjoy a coffee.

Wellbeing was also high on the agenda, with access to natural light and the inclusion of plants seen as particularly important features. Now, natural light is maximised by locating open plan seating near windows and with glazing to all meeting rooms and individual offices to ensure that no natural light is blocked. Bespoke light panels, designed to maintain light levels, were also installed to increase light during winter months.

A contemporary lobby with black glazing greets visitors. The reception design incorporates a mix of white stone and maple timber veneers, while natural daylight floods the space through glass partitions. 

As NYK is a Japanese company, we worked to reflect Japanese work culture that encourages employees  to change roles on a project by project basis. We facilitated this by introducing flexible, re-configurable office furniture so that the office can be rearranged to accommodate varying team sizes with minimal fuss or impact to the work environment.

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