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We pulled out all the stops for this express fit out for FirstGroup in Paddington.

In just 12 weeks, we created a new head office in London that brings together their staff in a new and collaborative environment - appropriately situated in Paddington, next to one of London’s busiest transport hubs.

Collaborative office space

One of the main goals of this fit out was to co-locate staff from different departments to allow for greater collaboration. As part of this initiative, and to encourage more spontaneous interaction, modular meeting rooms were placed throughout the office to provide space for quick meetings and catch-ups.

As a workplace wellbeing initiative, we installed sit stand desks throughout the office, providing staff with alternative working arrangements.

Sit stand desks not only bring about health benefits by reducing sedentary time throughout the working day, but also actively promote a more collaborative workplace culture.

The workstations are situated around the periphery of the office to maximise employees' exposure to natural light throughout the day, which has proven health benefits. The workstations and meeting rooms follow the curve of the building’s facade, creating the impression of a sweeping view around the office.

Maximising meeting rooms

A Condeco room booking system was implemented to increase meeting room utilisation.

This system allows staff to see if a room is booked or vacant, and if so - for how long. This means that if staff just want to have a quick catch-up, they can do so with confidence before the next scheduled meeting starts.

All meeting rooms are finished off with full height three metre tall doors, that provide an additional sense of space and continuity from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Flexible breakout spaces

A new central kitchen with cafe-style seating was designed to provide a space for staff to take a break, but also as a casual working space.

Wooden floorboards were used to provide a distinctive sense of space with a biophilic touch, while also ensuring that the flooring stayed fresh in this high-traffic area.

The office reflects FirstGroup’s brand with brand colours used throughout; on textiles in key meeting rooms and soft furnishings throughout the office.

Our colleagues are thrilled with their new surroundings and the fantastic new working environment we've created. I know I speak for the whole team here when I say that it has been a pleasure working with you on this project.
Group Property Director, FirstGroup

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