Creative Cat A space in Cardiff

Our latest refurbishment project for Aegon Asset Management in Cardiff has given a car park and office building extra ‘vroom’ in a time when commercial assets need to work harder than ever.


4,000 sq ft

Diamond in the rough

An old car park and warehouse-style office block near Cardiff Arms rugby stadium doesn’t immediately shout prime commercial accommodation. But Aegon knew that the central location made it a diamond in the rough. With imagination, skill and attention to detail, our team traded parked cars for desks in one of our more unique refurbishment projects in Wales.

We completely overhauled two floors of the building that were previously dedicated to car parking, into lettable office space and facilities. Our brief was to design and build an attractive ‘ready-to-go’ offering suitable for any business. We created new light-filled open plan working areas, a number of informal working zones, a kitchen and washrooms.

Aegon’s vision was to bring this building back to market by speculatively refurbishing the space - and it worked. Halfway through our project, Aegon signed up a tenant who gradually took occupation whilst we completed the build phase by phase.

Aegon shell and core
Aegon open plan office fit out

Garage door to office floor

We proposed as many as ten design variations for the building’s lobby. Our concepts mixed and matched different textures, fittings and fixtures to ensure we created the perfect entrance to sell the space. It’s true that first impressions last so we reflected a sophisticated look and feel in our choices.

We retained the huge garage door opening and replaced it with black timber, which we framed with a contrasting white wall and brickwork. Inside, polished wall panels, more exposed brickwork and gleaming floor tiles with clean lines transport visitors miles from the former car park.

Aegon garage door conversion
Aegon workplace design for meetings and collaboration

Design-fuelled office

Designing to celebrate a car park aesthetic isn’t something you hear very often, especially in the office design and build world. But this was our exact intention. We wanted the space to maintain a rustic, edgy feel; one which gives the notion of an upscale warehouse where creatives are inspired and corporates meet their targets.

The workspace features on-trend industrial design elements, including exposed ceilings, brickwork and metal finishes, along with striking red structural beams. These neutral choices can easily complement the design style and palette of any incoming tenant. Chairs, desks and tables with black metal frames sit alongside partitions and natural wood flooring, interspersed with textured carpeting in hues of grey. Overhead, strip lighting is suspended from the exposed ceiling to provide ambient lighting but also a subtle hint of garage aesthetic.

Aegon office space design
Aegon office lighting design
Aegon conference room fit out

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