Bringing creativity to life

As a leading design software developer, it was only natural Autodesk wanted an office environment that was creative and inspiring.

Discovery Place, Farnborough

22,000 sq ft

9 weeks

But it also needed to be green. So we recycled some of Autodesk’s furniture from their old office, and installed central printing and recycling facilities to cut waste. We reduced water consumption with low flow taps; ensured timber was responsibly sourced, and installed energy-saving lighting.

Autodesk breakout area design
Autodesk racing car wallpaper
Autodesk staff lockers

The Design

We also had to ensure we addressed different staff needs: Some of the Autodesk team needed quiet spaces to think, whilst other mobile workers needed space to collaborate. So we created different zones for different teams, and to enhance collaboration included informal meeting areas between each zone. Did it work? Absolutely according to Autodesk. The Morgan Lovell team worked to not only ensure the new office met Autodesk’s global corporate objective of LEED Gold but also a UK-centric Ska Silver rating.

"We're saving $1 million at our Farnborough office every two years thanks to the environmental design from Morgan Lovell."
Autodesk staff lockers wall detail
Autodesk staff meeting area
Autodesk workspace design
Autodesk open plan workspace design
Autodesk breakout area

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