A flexible and fun office space

When leading gaming and technology company Camelot Global asked us to design a people-centric fit out for its UK team, we created a workplace that's perfect for work and play.

101 New Cavendish St

12,000 sq ft

14 weeks

Flexing for flux

Camelot Global appointed us to design and build an office that epitomises flexibility; one which keeps its positive energy whether the whole team is in or just a handful. Optimising the space for what Camelot considers their 'flux' period, when it’s all hands on deck for a specific project, was a crucial part of the brief.

Camelot Global biophilic workspace desig
Staff collaboration improvement after office relocation

Communication is key

Another objective was consolidating two office locations into one and, for the first time, having all employees under one roof. With so many moving parts, Camelot wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible so we kept them in the loop with even the smallest details. We even went shopping together! The result? A boutique-styled space with on-trend décor, furniture and plants to create a home-away-from-home atmosphere.

Furniture in your office fit out

Authentic office design

Since Camelot was undergoing a complete branding overhaul, we had the freedom to create an office with a personality of its own. We used a calming neutral grey palette, hints of natural wood, stylish industrial touches and personally-selected decorative pieces. This classic styling will stand the test of time and see Camelot through its continued growth and evolution as a business.

Camelot office kitchen design with natural wood
Camelot standing desk office pods

Better together

Bringing together two separate Camelot offices, one in London and the other in Watford, meant getting under the skin of the business. To hit the brief we had to understand what each office needed from the new workplace, how best to utilise the space available and what would help employees thrive from day one.

One of the things we spoke about a lot in the early conceptual days was encouraging positive collaborative behaviours, particularly socialising. Our design recognised the decision to consolidate was a huge step by intentionally creating areas for people to mingle and get to know each other – without that dreaded feeling of ‘forced fun’! Being under the same roof allows the team to communicate more effectively so we paid special attention to removing any barriers to interaction. We dedicated a quarter of the workspace to a vast social space for big groups to eat together, play games or just chill out.

Top of the class

This office scores an A+ for flexibility and fluidity. It’s an over-achiever and we love it! Dotted throughout are laptop ‘touch down’ spots for individual work, meeting booths for project teams, banquet-style seats, standing desks, creative corners with plush furniture and even acoustically-sound Skype pods. The entrance space doubles as the main breakout area and tea point with soft seating, tables and benches to create a real feeling of community.

If that isn’t enough choice, half of the space can be adapted and reconfigured to suit any event, project or business directive. There are no allocated workstations and staff aren’t bound to any particular area because we switched bulky pedestals for funky lockers. This means people can move around as they please; it’s all about finding whatever spot feels the most comfortable for the task at hand!

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