An engaging workplace with a positive outlook

Compass Lexecon is a leading economic consultancy firm with a global presence. A never-ending focus on their team’s wellbeing was integral to creating this engaging and supportive workplace.

5 Aldermanbury Square

15,000 sq ft

Scandinavian design

Compass Lexecon office design for wellbeing

An organic space plan

Achieving a natural sense of circulation through the open space was a key objective for our designs. Glass fins replaced solid walls to help divide the space into different working areas, provide a sense of structure and openness, while allowing natural light to flood the entirety of the floor.

Timelessly modern

The design has an overall feel inspired by Scandinavian design; from the sharp and cool colour palette, to the considered minimalist design and the feature light fittings. This gives it a very modern and sophisticated feel.

Compass Lexecon boardroom fit out
Compass Lexecon reception design

The existing base build structure was quite angular, however, we were able to soften this through the use of feature lighting, lightly toned fabrics and curved furniture. All of which helped to create a sense of flow around the space. The light fittings are a perfect example of this, serving as a focal point for meeting rooms while developing a sense of movement. This is perfectly balanced through the dark, acoustic-absorbing carpets that contrast the light greys used in the open plan.

Compass Lexecon open plan office design
Compass Lexecon breakout space design

Now that's a view

While the floor-to-ceiling windows provide an incredible vista overlooking London, staff can work or have casual meetings in the multi-functional breakout area. Biophilia and hygge are the cornerstones of this design, with the light floorboards and soft furnishings creating somewhere that’s modern, yet instilled with a sense of warmth.

The space is as dynamic as it is stylish with furniture to support everyone’s working style. Communal benches are perfect for a casual lunch or informal team meeting, while soft and relaxed seating is great for a coffee catchup. Casual working or solo lunch spots are catered for with the long bench running the length of one of the walls. Drenched in natural light, we can guarantee an increase in your wellbeing whilst also enjoying the wonderful views.

Compass Lexecon meeting space fit out
Compass Lexecon meeting suite design

Acoustically sound

Individual and shared offices were designed to allow for individuals and teams to work in privacy when needed, with a more comfortable setup than taking over a meeting room. Acoustically-insulated calling booths were also created for those important 1:1 calls and teleconferences.

The versatile meeting suite accommodates a range of meeting styles. From a private boardroom, it can be broken down into seminar rooms, or opened up for training and allow for larger town hall gatherings.

Compass Lexecon office acoustics design
Compass Lexecon breakout workspace
Compass Lexecon office wellbeing design

The cultural change

Compass Lexecon had a desire to keep things personal and ensure their strong culture was engrained in the design. Small banks of open plan workspaces were interspersed with informal breakout areas, supporting different working styles. These are supported with high-backed sofas and armchairs, providing the perfect spot for a casual catchup.

A multipurpose wellbeing room was provided to support their staff’s diverse and unique needs. This is an ideal space for downtime; whether to pray, take a power nap, have a swissball workout, or just take a healthy moment to de-stress.

This really is a workplace that puts people first.

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