Creating a home away from home

We've worked with Countryside to re-envisage their workplace experience; creating dynamic offices across the country that are as vibrant as the communities they help create.


115,000 sq ft

We’ve teamed up with Countryside to provide spectacular home-away-from-home workspaces for staff across the country. From Leicester to London and Warrington to Wolverhampton, we’ve been all over the map over the last two years to refurbish eight different Countryside offices.

We started our partnership in Cheshunt, Broxbourne, in 2018, with the opportunity to align Countryside’s values with their physical offices. The space was traditional with a hierarchical layout which hampered collaboration, so we replaced big corner desks and private offices with a modern open plan environment. This office has since become a template for all Countryside workplace fit outs.

Countryside breakout interior office design

Creating a workplace revolution

Meeting the Countryside brief for comfortable, collaborative and agile workspaces has brought together a domestic ‘look and feel’ and plenty of furniture options. By removing unnecessary barriers to collaboration and providing a variety of settings, we’ve empowered employees with choice.

Quiet pods, cafe-style tables and chairs, booths, sofas and benches have all been incorporated into the design, alongside meeting rooms of varying sizes. This encourages employees to move around the space throughout the day, which aids productivity and supports wellbeing.

Countryside open plan office refurbishment

Agile aspirations

True agile working design considers every detail to ensure comfort and ease of use. Our design enhanced the acoustics to manage noise levels, added simple plug-and-play AV options in drop-down zones and made the most of natural light.

We also selected the high-quality domestic finishes one would expect in a Countryside home to celebrate the brand’s purpose and identity. From rich carpeting and geometric ceramic tiles to textured wall coverings and pendant feature lights, the finishing touches wouldn’t look out of place in a showhouse.

Deer drawing agile office design
Booths office design for agile
Conference room with modern office design

Continually evolving

This workplace strategy has changed the working culture considerably and Countryside employees admit to collaborating more than ever before. With a mix of open plan workstations and breakout areas, there is a space for every activity. Each Countryside office now shares this ethos and, continuing the evolution, our next project in Brentwood will be the most agile yet. Watch this space!

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