Everyone's a winner in this office

We’ve all been on eBay. It’s the Internet’s biggest shopping mall where you can buy almost anything. So, when eBay chose us to help them expand and re-fit their offices, it was like we’d won their biggest auction ever.


20,000 sq ft

9 weeks

The highest bidder

eBay was after an office that really embodied the nature of their business. We translated this to be a dynamic, fast-paced office with a strong competitive edge. We brought out all the stops and the latest design trends to create a modern space that would help them keep at the forefront of online retail.

A key element was using biophilia and nature throughout the space to help boost employee wellbeing.

Ebay office kitchen space design
eBay reception biophilia design ideas

Activity-based working spaces

You can find almost anything on eBay, and we wanted their office to provide the same feeling of discovery, in their office environment. We situated different working environments throughout the space, enabling staff to always find a space that complemented their current task; from standing desks, to quiet corners and breakout spaces. Or, as you might have it, a foosball-inspired meeting room. This is just an example of the dynamic workspaces scattered throughout their office.

Local essence

eBay sellers are from different towns and cities in every corner of the country. We reflected this through the meeting room design; with coloured transfers on the glass walls adding colour, privacy and local flair to the office. Just here, we’ve got the roof of the Brighton Pavilion next to The Globe Theatre and the Angel of the North.

eBay activity based workspace design
eBay meeting room design ideas

Natural light sources

Our brains need natural light to function properly; sunlight regulates our circadian rhythm, telling our bodies when it’s time to eat and sleep. eBay’s office has bright windows that flood natural light into the workspaces, so we positioned desks to maximise each staff member’s exposure to natural light.

We then coupled this with green space dividers and yellow walls to bring more natural cues into the working environment. Take a look around and you’ll see planter boxes dispersed throughout the space, so you’re never more than a few meters away from nature.

eBay biophilic open plan office design

Unique workspace

eBay is known as the marketplace where you can literally find anything. So, we wanted their offices to have just as much variety. There’s the loft-inspired the staff kitchen with bright windows looking over the local skyline and standing workspaces that are made for brainstorming sessions. Then down at street level, one of the breakout spaces features low, purple curved chairs contrasted with mustard padded bricks on the walls for sound absorption.

A silent auction

Since eBay's open plan office encompasses the top floors of a converted terrace, we provided additional spaces for staff to get away from it. These sound-proofed booths provide the perfect area away from the open plan areas for staff to take a call or work in private.

eBay office breakout space
eBay modern meeting pod
eBay standing desk
eBay breakout sofa
eBay pool table in office breakout space

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