Treat yourself to this paw-fect office

Sometimes the best opportunities for change are the most unexpected. When Elanco’s landlord decided to convert its building into a residential scheme, the animal nutrition and welfare firm had a chance to reflect on its working environment.


16,000 sq ft

Thanks to their dynamic new office design, Elanco’s workspace now embodies health and wellbeing best practice. Being a company that lives by its values, their entire business is woven together with sustainability and wellness in mind.

We worked in close collaboration with Woods Bagot and Cushman & Wakefield to bring the Elanco design scheme to life. Under the direction of Cushman & Wakefield and the guidance of Heasmans, the project was successfully delivered through the COVID lockdown, reflecting a collaborative team effort.

Elanco has made a conscious effort to be responsible wherever possible. A firmly-held belief at Elanco is that healthier animals can be a solution to some of the world's significant challenges, and taking care of their natural habitats is a big part of that.

In this project we reused as much as we could from Elanco’s previous office and took the time to research sustainable options before specifying anything new. In the reception, for example, cork makes a super sustainable wall covering. Cork is considered a future-friendly material because the tree itself is not cut when the bark is stripped. We also used kitchen countertops and carpeting made from recycled materials, provided plenty of recycling points and kept the majority of the existing desks and chairs.

Elanco sustainable office interior design
Elanco meeting room design
Elanco sit stand desks

Optimising moo-vement

The physical space planning of an office is just as important as what goes into it. We optimised the design concept and layout to maintain healthy levels of fresh air, natural light and comfortable acoustics. We positioned the desks near windows, clustered the breakout spaces near the kitchen, and tucked the quiet zones - including a wellness room - into a private corner of the office.

We also removed unnecessary barriers to increase movement and collaboration, but ensured noise wouldn’t hamper productivity by installing acoustic panels and baffles. Even a hanging fabric partition with feather-shaped cut-outs absorbs unwanted office distractions, whilst adding a touch of design flair from the animal kingdom.

Elanco cow in office design
elanco acoustic panel

Unique touches

The office is completed with unique Elanco touches. We built shelves to proudly display the company’s products, awards and animal anatomy models. Big, bold graphics and silhouettes of animals decorate the walls and glazing.

Over in the breakout area, grazing thoughtfully near a faux grass rug, is a life-size cow who’s taken up permanent residence. The biophilic theme continues with storage boxes topped with planters and wreath-like pendant lights with draping greenery.

Elanco sheep graphics in office design

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