Fancy a catchup in the gazebo?


14,000 sq ft

Welcome home

The client wanted to recreate a homely feel in the office, which is reflected in the combined kitchen and breakout 'living room' space. From the country-style white cupboards, to the bright and modern worktops and finished with dark wooden floorboards and a huge sofa, welcome to your office living space! Casual meeting spaces are scattered throughout the fit out, ensuring there’s always a space available for a quick catch-up. From high tables for standing meetings, to wooden communal benchtops and solo laptop chairs, there's always a space to work away from a traditional workstation.

Housing Solutions casual meeting space design

Let there be light

Your choice of lighting can say a lot about a space, often transforming the ambience of an area. In conjunction with the furniture, lighting has been used to signal how different spaces should be used. Desk lamps are integrated into workstations to indicate these are spaces for 'heads down' work, while bright and open lighting is used in flexible areas to reflect their collaborative nature. These rustic brass light fittings were chosen for the communal kitchen table to mimic the feeling of a cafe space; encouraging staff to collaborate and feel relaxed.

Meeting rooms

One size rarely fits all! That’s why we've provided different sized spaces to cover different meeting needs. These neighbouring meeting rooms feature contrasting carpet to distinguish the spaces, with the orange carpet from the larger room overflowing into the hallway to create a sense of openness. At first glance the wallpapers look identical, however, they actually feature different patterns on top of the same base colour; providing a sense of individuality to each meeting room. All meeting rooms feature Evoko booking systems that allow anyone to instantly see the room’s availability - helping to increase room utilisation.

Housing solutions office lighting design
Housing Solutions flexible meeting room fit out
Housing Solutions flexible meeting space design

Perfectly coordinated

While wall art can add instant 'pop' to any space, we made sure these nature scenes that are scattered across the office are integrated with the rest of the design. Here we placed this orchard scene next to a section with orange carpet and dark felt acoustic screens. This makes the print serve as the focal point for a wider space, rather than simply a stand-alone image.

Housing Solutions meeting room av fit out
Housing Solutions open plan office fit out
Housing Solutions desk phone

The writing’s on the wall

Wall prints were used extensively throughout this fit out to reflect the natural beauty of areas served in the South East; they help brighten up the walls and disguise additional staff storage. Different seasons set the tone of different areas in the office, with green used in serene work areas while brighter hues are used to help stimulate creativity in shared meeting spaces.

Colour choice was important depending on the room's placement, with different shapes and colours used depending on the setting. Circular patterns and subdued colours are used in larger meeting spaces to help staff feel calm and at ease (in a space where longer meetings will usually take place). Bright, angular lines are used in impromptu and standing meeting spaces to complement the quick-thinking nature of these areas.

Housing Solutions natural wood breakout area design ideas

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