Bringing the outside in


12,000 sq ft

The company's association with warehousing and delivery is reflected in thoughtfully incorporating pallets and alternate materials into the decor. This was reflected by the use of recycled timber on the wall cladding around the meeting rooms and teapoints, and also extended to the floorboards used throughout the kitchen area.

We've further highlighted the client's association with the shipping industry by sourcing 'fragile box' ottomans for the breakout and flexible seating area. These are mixed in with traditional furnishings to provide a fun element of contrast.

Manhattan Associates standing desk in workspace design
Manhattan Associates box stools in comunal area
Manhattan Associates autumn wall print in meeting room design

Biophilic design

The ground floor of the office benefits from large floor-to-ceiling glass windows, looking out over a central courtyard. We used these as a feature to draw together the outside and inside seating areas. Large benches with angled edges were placed against the glass to create a continuous table that brings the two areas together. The availability of additional outdoor seating encourages staff to go outside on warmer days.

Manhattan associates office kitchen design
Manhattan Associates biophilic design

Natural themes to enhance wellbeing

Outdoor themes were also strongly used throughout the rest of the office fit out. Wallpaper prints of autumn leaves were used in meeting rooms to provide a sense of calm, as was an artistic tree print that was used to frame the TV in the main kitchen area. Soft furnishings, such as felt and fabric finishes on the light fittings, help to contrast the raw materials used in the timber cladding.

Manhattan Associates modern office interior design

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