Blending state of the art office design with cutting-edge research

You’ll be amazed where inspiration can come from. We took design cues from medical imagery in this office fit out for Perspectum.


20,000 sq ft

Inspired by medical imaging

We worked closely with the client to design and build a new office which would, for the first time, meet the specific needs of employees. Perspectum started life as a start-up; full of energy, drive and innovation, and we wanted to create an office that enhanced their team spirit and thirst for innovation.

Instantly somewhere different

We designed the new office to be centered around collaborative working, with plenty of breakout spaces that make working together seamless and enjoyable. Each floor is around distinctive collaboration hubs, meaning you’re never far from somewhere to connect.

Perspectum office pool table

Feeling at home

The ground floor tea point and breakout space acts as the heart of the office and has a welcoming suburban feel to it.

The kitchen itself is situated against an exposed brick internal wall and is housed within a distinctly residential A-frame canopy; promoting staff to feel relaxed in their home away from home.

The urban feel is completed with dark parquet flooring, balanced out with polished concrete-style coffee tables and splashes of colour from the booth seating, tables and chairs.

The space is further inspired by an oversized rumpus room thanks to its pool table, soft seating, breakfast bar with high stools and drop-in booths for meetings.

Perspectum office cafe fit out
Perspectum cafe interior design

Truly collaborative

The main attraction on the first floor is the collaboration hub that provides an ideal setting for employees to present research findings, while also being able to host the company’s town hall meetings.

Finished with integrated AV, tiered seating and built-in storage, it adds both a collaborative and functional feature to the fit out. Long sofas with individual desks allow staff to take notes during presentations, or even work in an open and casual setting.

Perspectum collaboration hub designed for collaboration

Flexible Furniture

Furniture plays an integral role in creating unique workspaces; providing an incredible variety of spaces to support different working styles. It is key to enabling activity-based working, providing spaces for staff to work, collaborate and concentrate as they wish.

We provided choice to employees through splitting the office's 230 workstations into neighbourhoods dedicated to individual teams. Some of these neighbourhoods have fixed workstations for private use, while others feature communal desks which are shared amongst team members, depending on who’s in for the day or who needs to collaborate.

Semi-enclosed meeting pods are perfect for small team meetings and add extra flexibility, as they can easily be moved around the space if the team grows and needs more permanent desk space. Plus, they add a great splash of colour and absorb acoustics; both from across the open plan floor and from the meetings held within.

The same philosophy applies to these dual occupancy meeting booths; bright colours integrate them with the colour choices used throughout the rest of the fit out, while they can easily be moved or re-arranged; providing a flexible base for a business that is continually growing.

Levels play an equally important role in designing effective multiple-use spaces. High tables are great for shorter meetings and collaboration sessions, while lower furniture is more suited for casual catchups and chats. We were able to integrate these two spaces through using high-backed sofas and with some smartly located storage units.

Perspectum fit out with meeting pods
Perspectum fit out with meeting pods
Office interior designed for teams

A Colourful Spectrum

Last, but not least, this new office is full of colour. If you’ve ever seen medical scans, you’ll notice that a bright colour palette is used to reveal exactly what’s happening inside the body. It’s this broad spectrum of colour that inspired the office’s colour palate.

While the floor tiles are eclectic and vibrant, furniture was carefully selected to match each of the vibrant colours used in the flooring to add a sense of continuity and vibrancy to the rest of the workplace.

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