The next chapter in office design

From traditional to agile, this trendy office design is the main protagonist in the next edition of SAGE’s story.

Oliver's Yard, London

38,000 sq ft

100% agile working

Re-writing the rules

We hit the ground running and in just 12 weeks completed the entire CAT B refurbishment of two and a half floors. We worked closely with WKSpace to engage with staff and really understand what their people wanted out of their new space. We took the SAGE team on furniture tours with Orangebox and organised a fun coffee-tasting session to make sure the chosen office brew would hit the spot.

SAGE agile office refurbishment
SAGE agile workplace refurbishment
SAGE agile breakout space fit out

A totally agile office

Step into the new SAGE office and you won’t believe the transformation; from a 'traditional' office layout (with swathes of beige) to a dynamic and completely agile workplace. We reduced SAGE's staff-to-desk ratio to allow for more agile areas, while removing private offices and pre-assigned desks.

This workspace is completely agile, with the added benefit of touchdown offices and private working spaces - meaning privacy is available when you need it. The space features 15 neighbourhoods, which gives each area a distinct feel, with the added benefit of assisting with wayfinding. Most importantly, colleagues can work both wherever and however they feel.

How to achieve truly flexible working


If you need some quiet time, then this office has both open and closed meeting pods, offering varying degrees of privacy. The open pods are lined with felt to reduce noise transfer, while the smaller, fully-enclosed pods feature a ventilation system to keep oxygen levels up.

With a colleague

There are both bookable and non-bookable meeting spaces, to work with everyone's schedule. The bookable spaces are smart meeting rooms with external screens showing the room's occupancy status, so you can easily know if you need to move to a non-bookable space or not.

The whole team

If everyone needs to work on a project together, then there are both agile workspaces and more traditional desk areas. The agile spaces are complete with writable walls that are perfect for brainstorming or project planning.

Sage agile meeting pod fit out
SAGE meeting space Fit Out 20
Sage agile workspace fit out

These six-to-eight seater desks help promote a team feeling through their design. Since colleagues are facing each other essentially in a huddle formation, no-one is left on the end or can overpower others in a power seat.

Dashes of co-ordinated colour in the walls and carpet help with wayfinding ("we're in the blue huddle spot") and give a sense of personality to each area.

Sage office fit out for teams

Bringing the outdoors in

Biophilic design elements create a connection to the natural world with the incorporation of moss walls, planter boxes, wooden finishes and soft watercolour graphics in natural hues.

Using natural materials, finishings and colours has been proven to boost employee wellbeing and productivity; just another way this office puts people first.

Sage biophilic design
Sage biophilia in the workplace
SAGE multi-purpose boardroom fit out

Smart boardrooms

One of the highlights of this meeting-friendly hub is the new multi-purpose boardroom. Set alongside a social coffee lounge and reception area, the boardroom makes a great impression for visiting clients, while also easily hosting training and seminar sessions.

In the boardroom itself, we installed a skyfold dividing wall which splits the room into two or retracts to create one big open space. This isn't just any old room divider, as it retracts into the ceiling when not in use, maximising the floor space when the room is opened up for townhalls or larger sessions.

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