Cracking the corporate enigma

This office will bring together some of the brightest minds in advanced mathematics and computing science, so it had to be inspirational, collaborative and functional.

Inside The British Library

18,000 sq ft

19 weeks

The design brief

The Institute’s aim is to make the UK a world leader in the area of data research, and the creation of the new space to house 90 faculty fellows is an integral step towards this goal. They were after a space that not only reflected their personality, but provided researchers with facilities to carry out their work and collaborate with peers.

Turing private workspace design
Alan Turing collaborative workspace design

The office design we delivered

When you enter the Institute from the British Library, you know you're in a distinctly different space. It's a dynamic yet peaceful design that brings together three different working zones.

Managing sound was an important part of the brief, as we had to bring together researchers with different working styles into a single space.

We created areas that embrace these differences, and through a clever use of technology and acoustics, we've been able to deliver a workplace that provides a logical way for staff to work creatively and productively. The design incorporates a variety of working environments into a single space; from concentration and open work pods, to a large collaboration area with a communal tea point.

Each of these is defined by a particular motif to lend a distinctive feeling to the space. The quiet working areas are outlined by glass panelling, which also provides acoustic protection from the louder collaboration areas.

This clever trick effectively divides the space into different work zones, that boast a mix of desks and seating arrangements; providing plenty of spaces for researchers to contemplate their next piece of work. When inspiration strikes, all of the panels can also be written on to jot down those light bulb moments!

Alan Turing office work pod design
Alan Turing breakout area fit out
Alan Turing office acoustics design
Alan Turing meeting area design
Alan Turing office kitchen ideas

Defining spaces

A large suspended red pendant identifies the main communal collaboration area, which is a theme that has been used throughout the design to identify these shared spaces. These are defined by red flooring that emulates the pendant, and fabric seating to help absorb the acoustics.

"We wanted to create a space that moves beyond the barriers of a traditional office, finding a balance between comfortable and creative areas, and designated desk space."
Anna Dejlova, Senior Designer
Alan Turing breakout area designed for collaboration

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