Hello, you gorgeous office

Virgin Red wanted to create a space that represented the diversity of the Virgin Group. From planes and trains to records and broadband, we brought them all together under one roof in this new fit out for the home of Virgin Group’s community and loyalty app.

Porchester Road

10,500 sq ft

Seven foot giraffe

Living the Virgin life

Virgin Red’s mission is to get their customers to live a life more Virgin, so we wanted to start with helping their staff work a little more Virgin. Collaboration and agile working were key, so we set out to provide dynamic spaces where colleagues could come together to achieve the next big thing.

From the moment you walk in, the space is an embodiment of everything Virgin stands for. ‘Hello Gorgeous’ greets staff and guests on the reception doors. The rest of the reception exudes the brand’s signature style and simplicity; with a neon Virgin logo next to the coffee machine and a simple, concierge-style reception desk with mid-century guest seating.

Virgin Loyalty reception fit out

New team members

One of the benefits of agile working is increased spontaneous interaction; helping boost collaboration and engagement with colleagues from different teams. Taking inspiration from Virgin Limited Edition’s South African lodge, team members will now find themselves sitting next to a seven-foot giraffe, or around the corner from a life-size zebra in this African-inspired workplace. The savannah theme is finished off with traditional African-style textiles and even the windows are framed with tall grass!

Giraffe in Virgin open plan agile workspace
Virgin's african mask in agile office fit out
Virgin's zebra in agile office design

The Virgin Universe

If safari isn’t your thing, then you can escape to a different Virgin universe in one of the meeting spaces. Each room has its own unique theme based off a Virgin venture, complete with furniture to match.

Naturally, the Music Room features a quartet of guitars and a playable violin, complete with album art in ornamental frames and a retro 60s-style side table. The Athlete Room has racquets and boxing gloves, while the Galactic Room takes you to the stars.

Just as the Virgin brand underpins each of these businesses, red carpet was used to tie all the spaces together and distinguish them from the floorboards used throughout the high-traffic hallways.

Virgin Red meeting space design
Virgin musical instruments breakout area
Virgin pink flamingo and plants hallways

Always agile

It’s not just the large meeting rooms that get their own identities.

To give staff a choice away from the open plan environment, smaller two-person meeting rooms were designed for 1:1 meetings, and they don’t scrimp on character, taking design inspiration from Virgin brands both past and present.

Virgin's agile meeting room fit out
Virgin Red chairs in meeting room design

Private working pods were installed to give staff a space to concentrate away from open plan areas, and feature acoustic absorbing felt dividers to absorb excess noise.

For those who want to collaborate, larger eight-person circular tables are available for a project team to work together throughout the day.

Virgin Red booths interior design for agile
Virgin lockers in meeting space fit out
Virgin Red office pod fit out


Sustainability is at the top of Virgin Red’s list of priorities, so this was an important aspect to incorporate into the refurbishment. We upcycled furniture like traditional chesterfields and wooden bookcases; giving them a new lease of life and providing another dynamic element to this diverse fit out.

Virgin keepsakes are scattered across the fit out; from uniforms and football jerseys, to a Virgin Trains Pendolino plaque and even, most impressively, an aircraft door from Virgin Australia.

Virgin Red sustainable office refurbishment
Virgin office interior aircraft door
Virgin uniforms in comunal space

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