With a bit of smart planning now, your business can have a space that will work for years to come.

What is space planning?

Space planning has the ability to transform a tight, cramped office into a spacious workplace. It's an integral part any office design project and involves analysing how your space is currently being used. This allows you to then create a design that maximises the available space for the needs of your staff.

We consider every element in the mix - from growth plans and the needs of your business, to legal requirements and IT infrastructure - because only with a bit of smart planning can you ensure that your business has the space to work in years to come.

We work with clients to determine how space is used now and in the future. We rigorously assess your space needs, looking at everything from storage requirements, departmental adjacencies and new ways of working.

"The team was blown away, saying it was the most innovative space SAS has ever created in any country so naturally we are delighted."

Head of corporate services, SAS

Accessible Office Design for National Charity Livability

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