For too long lockers have been relegated to the background, seen as functional storage units rather than office design features. Read these eight tips to inspire your next standout locker design.

Paul Dare

Head of Design

23rd Jul 2024

4 minutes read time

1. Make a splash with colour

Office decor speaks volumes about a brand, so why should lockers be any different? Choosing the right colour can help create different moods - adding bright colours like orange creates a vibrant space that can boost energy, whereas pastel blues and greys are more calming. Experimenting with different colours, shades, patterns and textures makes the space stand out and is a simple way to inject personality into the space.

Businesses can even use impermanent solutions like vinyls to change up the space more frequently to match seasons or holidays, creating an exciting feature without spending lots of money.

Brightly coloured office lockers

Brightly coloured office lockers

2. Create a community

Lockers act as more than just storage solutions. Take advantage of the fact that wherever lockers are, people are. Add comfy chairs, a coffee table and chairs to make the space as welcoming as the rest of the office. This turns lockers into a social hub for spontaneous interactions helping to liven up what is historically seen as a boring space.

Add some warm lighting to make it feel more inviting and make sure there's enough space to stand around or sit for a chat whilst using the lockers.

Lockers that create a communal space

3. Send a message

Instead of the conventional office notice board, why not turn lockers into a message board to display core values and motivational messages? As well as being an interesting visual element, employees will be going to their lockers multiple times a day, making them a great communication tool for messages to be absorbed. Every other aspect of the office is personalised for a business to highlight their culture so it’s important not to forget lockers. Companies can even make them interactive by including writable surfaces for sharing upcoming events or news.

Locker design that sends a message

4. Choose the perfect location

Choosing the right location for lockers is essential for maximising their use. Strategically placed lockers – like next to bike racks and in changing rooms – improve organisation and minimise disruptions.

Avoid putting them near quiet areas or meeting rooms and instead in high traffic spots. Many offices put them near desks, making it easy to quickly grab things throughout the day. They can also improve the office’s layout by creating zones and optimising acoustics by absorbing loud noises.

Locker location ideas

5. Boost brand identity

Adding branding to lockers creates unity amongst the team and instils a sense of pride every time they see the lockers. Branded lockers help tie together a company’s aesthetics with a feature that previously would’ve been left plain and hidden away.

As well as literally showcasing the brand, companies can opt for sustainable, recycled materials like reclaimed wood, highlighting their environmental values.

Branded locker designs

6. Make a design statement

Many businesses tend to choose plain lockers so that people focus more on other features. However this can limit the powerful impact of the rest of the office because of the uninspiring bank of lockers tucked away in the corner. Instead incorporate lockers into the design and create a standout feature.

From adding shelving to lockers, to decorating with plants or even a bike, the design can be tailored to suit a business's aesthetic. But don't stop there, turn functional features like the numbers into an artistic feature by opting for big text, cool fonts or bold colours.

Lockers that make a statement

7. Showcase artistic creativity

When it comes to adding graphics to lockers, the sky's the limit. Lockers are a blank canvas just waiting to display inspiring graphics. From abstract shapes and patterns to create wall art, to iconic landmarks that reflect the business's location; individual graphics for each locker or a mural across the entire block, there's no way of going wrong. Businesses can even personalise them by using them to tell the company's story. Whatever a business decides, graphics are a creative way of personalising lockers and transforming the space.

Artistic locker graphics

8. Remember the nuts and bolts

As fun as lockers can be, it’s important not to neglect the basics of locker design like choosing the right size, security features and materials. These fundamentals make sure a business has the perfect locker set up for their needs and will last. Speak to employees about their needs to make sure they're accessible and functional for everyone.

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