Industry-leading sustainability

Inspired by London's green spaces, this multipurpose showroom has been designed to achieve an exceptional visitor experience. Customers, colleagues, architects and designers collaborate in flexible zones in a positive, sustainable space.

Clerkenwell, London

2,000 sq ft

Sustainable office design

Going beyond sustainability

Interface is at the forefront of sustainability in the built environment. The company has set out a 'Climate Take Back' plan in recent years with a commitment to restoring the planet and creating a climate 'fit for life'. These brand values were the guiding principles behind our design, product and material selection for their creative hub in Clerkenwell.

Designing for low environmental impact starts with the selection of materials from the UK and continues with products made by companies who deliver a positive contribution to society.

This manifested in us selecting Foresso worktops, which are made from recycled wood chips and residual materials and are bound using bio resin and natural products. RAW boxes are functional window seats made from recycled and reclaimed timber - manufactured by a company that supports people who face prejudice and barriers to work due to physical and mental difficulties. Every piece of joinery was from FSC-certified sources.

sustainable material samples
Swatch of materials for flooring

Materials chosen for their added brand value and sustainability

Multipurpose and collaborative workspace

Through the use of bespoke mobile units, samples of Interface products can be viewed from many angles and moved to create new impressions and imaginative views. Architects, designers and customers come together in touch-down zones collaborating in creative working meetings.

Showroom with natural light from classic windows
People creating ideas informally

Creative juices flow, ideas emerge and imagination takes flight

By moving the units and drawing acoustic curtains around areas, a multitude of different zones are accessible and many people can play within the space – finding what works best for their purpose. The units have pinnable surfaces which blend with TV screens so that designers can bring samples of product materials to imagine the whole design picture.

The flexibility of the space means it is versatile enough to host larger client presentations and project sign-offs.

Open showroom with bar stools and plants

Space that allows small groups to touch-down - or larger numbers for presentations

Bringing the outside in

The visitor experience is of great significance to Interface and the creative hub provides a variety of ‘Instagrammable’ moments. The design was inspired by the greenery of London outdoor spaces. Reeded panels remind us of London weather, they distort the lighting and create a visual representation of the City’s familiar rainfall.

Natural biophilia, faux planting and natural light are used generously through the showroom to remind us of the importance of the environment and the sense of wellbeing that it brings.

Reeded panels suspended with biophilia
brick wall in Clerkenwell with RAW boxes

Natural surfaces, sunshine and planting come together for a sense of wellbeing

A sustainable showpiece

As designers and fit out experts, we are consistently impressed by Interface’s approach to sustainability and the living evidence of this ethos within their products. This heightens our pride in designing and delivering this creative hub as we were able to complement their unwavering focus on the environment.

presentation screen and acoustic curtains

A project that walks the talk when it comes to sustainability

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