Blending nature and culture: A sustainable Japanese-inspired office fit out

Kao's new office is an innovative blend of biophilia, natural light and flexibility that aims to probe the five human senses and creates a work environment that promotes well-being, productivity and collaboration.

Project partners

  • Jones Lang Lasalle Ltd
  • Bellrock Property Management
  • Potter Raper Partnership
  • MLM Consulting Engineers
Morgan Lovell was by far the best from the moment we met you. Your team just seemed to ‘get us'

Ed Barham Kao

Key features

  • Biophilic office design
  • Product display areas
  • Timber finishes
  • Recycled acoustic panelling
  • Soft partitions allow for flexible office space
  • Home away from home office

From the moment you step into Kao Corporation's office, it's evident that the design team has put considerable effort into creating a visually stunning environment that reflects 'Kirei' - a Japanese word that describes something that is clean, well-ordered and beautiful, all at the same time. Morgan Lovell's office design incorporates elements of Japan inspired design throughout the space as a nod to Kao's roots as a Japanese company. The design puts a focus on the use of natural materials and a neutral colour palette to create a calming environment.

Everything, from the smallest details to the main features, has been designed with the intention of making the office not just functional but also beautiful. This office space is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating a visually stunning and inspiring work environment for its employees.

The green office

The office space was designed with the intention of fostering a connection with the natural environment, utilising biophilia as a staple of the design. Private meeting rooms were included to allow for quiet and focused work, while traditional desks were incorporated to provide a sense of stability and comfort. The use of indoor plants added to the overall atmosphere of the office, creating a fresh and vibrant environment. The biophilic design was further enhanced by optimising the existing windows and skylights to provide an abundance of natural light into the office.

Goodbye siloes, hello collaboration

The use of flexible furniture and spaces that can be easily reconfigured allowed employees to work together in a variety of settings, from the large boardroom featuring bespoke bi-fold doors to more intimate, focus booths. The integration of technology, such as room booking systems, also facilitates collaboration. Using soft partitions such as curtains and moveable box shelves, Kao now has a space that is adaptable to their every need and fosters a sense of community.

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