We are thrilled to announce the completion of an extensive design and build project for The Alan Turing Institute within the British Library.

The new 18,000 sq ft space is the result of a significant fit-out within the Library, which is situated at the heart of a thriving ‘Knowledge Quarter’ of tech, science and cultural organisations, all based within a one mile radius of King’s Cross, London.

Founded in 2015, The Alan Turing Institute is the national centre for data science, named after the computer scientist Alan Turing, who cracked the German Enigma code through his pioneering work in mathematics, engineering and computing. The Institute’s aim is to make the UK a world leader in the area of data research, and the creation of the new space is a step towards its goal. More than 100 researchers from its founding partner universities (Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, University College London and Warwick), are currently undertaking research at the Institute into data science for smart cities, finance, engineering health, cyber-security and a range of other areas.

The Institute’s headquarters places emphasis on an open and collaborative environment, while utilising the latest in communications technology to allow users to work creatively and securely. From the entrance into the office space, the goal was to create an inviting environment, with a ‘help yourself’ teapoint in bright colours to accent the open space. A key driver for the Institute was the creation of areas around the open plan desks for collaboration and communication between the various Fellows. These areas are used to boost productivity by removing louder zones from concentrative areas, and encourage creativity in the brighter, more colourful spaces. Utilising the latest technology as well as basic chalkboards and other write-on surfaces also enables the researchers to engage and collaborate on projects.

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Alan Turing Institute's trendy Breakout Area

"The mix of both open collaborative spaces and private study areas create an ideal environment for our researchers to deliver world-leading data science"

Jonathan Atkins, COO The Alan Turing Institute