A great office interior can change everything. Your fit out can engage your staff, boost collaboration and be somewhere your staff can be proud of.

Fitted out with care and designed for engagement.

Perfect for your people

Our fit outs are designed to bring out the best of your staff, brand and culture.

We design and build offices where new ideas flourish and collaboration comes naturally. We'll push the boundaries of what you can achieve in your space.

Spaces for interacting

Who said the kitchen was just for lunchtime? A tailored office fit out is your chance to make the most of every sq ft of space; from beautiful reception areas to activity-based working spaces.

With the right working areas, latest technology and great furniture, your teams will be empowered to work where they want and collaborate with ease almost anywhere.

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Made for the future

Technology evolves rapidly and so should your workplace.

We fit out spaces with the latest technology, ensuring everything is in place for your work life to keep pace with technology. From smart lighting and climate control to reduce emissions, through to integrated meeting AV and booking systems.

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Boosting wellbeing

We design spaces that help make your staff happy and productive. Our fit outs help reduce workplace stress so your staff can focus on what's important.

From ensuring enough natural light to keep your staff's circadian rhythm in-check, to providing sit/stand desks that keep blood pumping and energy levels constant throughout the day. Or moss walls that provide a sense of nature in the workplace. We're also accredited to deliver to the WELL building standard, the first recognised accreditation that looks into the human impact when building new office spaces.

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Size doesn't matter

Each office is unique with its own charm. We don't just work with large corporates or multinationals.

We've delivered small and perfectly formed fit outs. You'll be amazed at how a small space can be transformed into a spacious haven of productivity with the right fit out.

Likewise, larger offices needn't seem like a cubicle farm. We'll make every square foot serves its purpose.

Collaboration spaces in an office, long tables with orange chairs and hanging feature lights
modern office fit out

What makes a Morgan Lovell fit out unique?

A chic office kitchen and breakout area with circular overhead lights, a green accent wall, contemporary furniture, and wooden shelving

We keep it simple

We handle everything from start to finish, meaning you have a single point of contact throughout your whole office fit out project - us. You won’t have to deal with different interior designers, architects, or health and safety advisors.

Your dedicated project manager will take you through the fit out process, and they'll keep all external stakeholders up-to-date and in-check throughout the project.


Effective and efficient

Since we handle your project from start to finish, we can run phases in tandem. This approach doesn't skimp on quality and can have your fit out finished up to 40% faster than a traditional multi-contractor approach.

This keeps disruption to a minimum, reduces staff stress and gets you up and running as quickly as possible.


Environmentally conscious

Great fit outs don’t need to come with a great environmental cost. During our fit out projects, we strive to recycle and divert as much waste from landfill as possible.

We’re a member of the UK Green Building Council and can help your project achieve a SKA, BREEAM or WELL Building accreditation. In fact, we've achieved more of these than every other British fit out contractor combined.


We look after everything

When the fit out is complete, that doesn’t mean our job is done. We can also help you to select and order the office furniture that matches your requirements though our in-house furniture experts.

We’ll even stay with you beyond moving day, to make sure that your people and office are all working in harmony, as promised.


Built with technology

We don’t just wow you with impressive visuals and VR at the start of the project. We build your fit out with the latest technology to make everything run smoothly.

We can work with BIMM imaging and integrate the latest technology into your fit out to make everything run smoothly.

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