To create the best workplace possible, we need to get to know your staff and understand how they use their space and work best together. We then use these insights to create an environment that they’ll love, and that works for everyone in your business.

Workplace consultancy helps uncover your working style

For the meeting moguls

You have a desk, but what about when you need to collaborate and don’t want to interrupt the rest of your team? From working kitchens to breakout spaces, we design workplaces that cater for all your activity-based working needs.

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Some people love a good meeting, so we plan meeting areas that can host everything from casual catch-ups to confidential discussions. Space is precious, so we design with flexibility and connectivity in mind, ensuring you’re always as productive as possible.

For the quiet workers

You don’t need to sit with your earphones in all day long. With quiet booths for solo work, calling pods for taking calls, and meeting rooms for 1:1s, there’s no need to book out the boardroom just for some time to yourself.

Depending on how staff move about your space (which we monitor too) we minimise excess acoustics through the main thoroughfares, reducing noise transfer.

For the road warriors

You come into the office and settle down with your team. You meet some new faces and catch up with old colleagues. Collaboration flows freely with creativity and you feel great working at a stand-up desk for a change.

We design agile spaces with room and desk booking systems, so anyone can feel welcomed and empowered in your office, regardless of whether it’s their ‘home’ office or not.

Somewhere for everyone

While some people have a set work style, most of us change work personas regularly throughout the day. You may find yourself quietly working at your desk in the morning, collaborating before lunch, and then on confidential calls in the afternoon.

We design workplaces that support everyone, at every stage of their working day.

Based on proven research

Time utilisation study

Also known as Space Utilisation, Time and Motion, or Occupancy studies, this allows us to measure how effectively you’re using your current office space. We’ll observe every single desk, office, meeting room, and breakout area at least 10 times over the course of five to ten days. This allows us to understand when the space is actively or temporarily used, and when it's vacant. Once the study’s complete, we'll provide strategic recommendations that are benchmarked against peers in your sector or region.

Workplace evaluation survey

This is designed to gather information on current working patterns, understand how colleagues perceive the office environment, and how they see themselves working in the future. We also gather specific information on commuting patterns, wellbeing, storage requirements, and the appetite for workplace change, along with flexible or activity-based working.

This is a great way to gain employee buy-in for any new workplace initiatives. We structure the survey in a way that allows us to analyse responses by team, department, location, job profile or age group; providing key insights into how your workplace is used and perceived.

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Workplace Consultants talking

Working with us

We work with your workplace designers to give them the insights to build a user-centric workplace. Our approach engages with staff and gathers actionable results that are backed by proven research.

We do time utilisation studies to see how and when spaces are used, along with detailed surveys and interviews, so we can hear from staff about what they want from their new space.

Even after you move in, we’re here to help embed change in your teams and get them acquainted with their new space. We engage with teams throughout the fit out process, so their new office feels like home from day one.

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