If you’re looking for the perfect office space to take your business to new heights, make sure you ask your potential landlord these six questions. They could make all the difference.

1. Flexibility is the name of the game. How much flexibility does your lease offer?

Knowing the ins and outs of the lease agreement is essential for planning your business's future. Ask about flexibility for expansion or downsizing. You never know when your business might take off or scale down temporarily and having that flexibility can save the day.

2. How will this space, location and amenities help us draw our people to the office?

An office should be more than just four walls. It must draw people in so make sure the location, amenities and services will be appealing. This means accessible public transport, on-site parking for your team and client’s convenience, perhaps an in-house café for coffee lovers, nearby restaurants and shops, or even a gym to squeeze in a quick workout during lunch breaks. It’s always good to have a choice of meeting rooms or spaces for collaboration where ideas can thrive.

3. What are the sustainability credentials of the building and/or workspace?

The sustainability credentials of your building or space will feed in to your ESG report. Ask about any sustainability certifications like BREEAM, SKA, LEED, and WELL? An A-C EPC rating (Energy Performance Certificate) is recommended to meet Government guidelines, so press the landlord on this area. For more on EPC ratings look at this article.

4. How will this workspace keep our business, technology and people safe?

From super-fast internet to security systems, ensure the office space is equipped with modern infrastructure and essential facilities that will contribute to seamless and secure business operations. Find out if they've got top-notch systems to keep your team and business safe. Peace of mind is everything.

5. What’s the approach to office design?

Your workspace should be a source of inspiration. Be curious about how the offices are designed. Are they creative and welcoming spaces that'll spark your team's creativity or do you need a more formal environment? The office is where people come together and collaborate, therefore a space that excites and motivates is a must.

6. Does this space create a sense of belonging and togetherness?

Choosing an office space with a strong sense of community is crucial for a positive atmosphere that boosts employee satisfaction and success. Pride in the community promotes commitment towards your business whilst also increasing your appeal to potential customers. Is the space inclusive; it's important to think about whether every individual will feel a sense of belonging.

By asking these six questions, you'll gain valuable insights into whether the office space is your perfect match. Remember, open communication with your potential landlord is key to finding your dream office space that'll support your business's growth. So, go ahead and spark those conversations.