Homely Soho office with employee needs at the forefront

Thoughtful fit out for our Noel Street home, we've curated a space that not only meets our functional needs but also serves as a showcase office environment, reflecting our values and expertise as an office design and build company.

Key features

  • Multiple work zones
  • Quiet booths
  • Statement boardroom
  • Homely meeting rooms
  • Biophilia
  • Natural light

To create the brief for the office fit out of our London office, we drew on the opinions and desires of our employees. The consensus was to include a fusion of spaces that cultivate a more welcoming and homely atmosphere. The challenge was to transform the office into a showcase space in Soho, providing versatility within a smaller floor plan while prioritising natural light, sustainability and inclusivity.

Workplace variety

Our Noel Street office features nine distinct work settings within the open plan layout including quiet booths, meeting rooms, a statement boardroom and a small town hall space. There is also two rows of touchdown workspace at the front of the building. The design puts a focus on versatility and comfort, and given the smaller floorplate, we carefully selected furniture that optimises space and functionality. Acoustic panels have been strategically placed to enhance sound quality whilst adding a visual interest with varied textures, patterns and colours.

Blending DEI and Biophilic design

At the forefront of our design was diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and no where is this more apparent than in the furniture selection. To the best of our ability, furniture pieces are accessible to all and accommodate different sensory needs. More subtly, lighting levels can be controlled and adjusted to cater towards varying neurodiversity requirements. The office embraces the principles of biophilic design through the incorporation of natural tones and organic shapes, creating a connection to nature throughout the space. Where possible, we have also removed interior walls to ensure the creation of an airy and spacious environment.

Office showcase

The transformation of our Soho office has garnered enthusiastic praise from the team. The new layout and design encourages collaboration and creativity, creating a sense of belonging and enhanced wellbeing. The office has become a welcoming and inviting environment, a place where our team are excited to work everyday. Overall, the office fit out at Noel Street not only meets but exceeds expectations, demonstrating the power of thoughtful design in enhancing both workspace functionality and employee satisfaction.

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