When you first drive a different car, you often start by adjusting the seat and mirrors to suit your preferences. Usually you’ll only be in your car for an hour or so at a time (commute withstanding!) yet it’s one of the most personalised environments we have. Everything is completely customised - from the ergonomics, to the music and climate control.

So why do we often have less control over an environment that we’re in for more than eight hours a day, five days a week? Shouldn’t the office be just as customisable, if not more than our cars?

Although we're moving away from cubicles and desks in the office, this doesn't mean that the workplace isn't personal anymore. It's quite the opposite. Although you don't have a corner to fill with your folders, holiday photos and desk plants, the workplace is actually becoming more personal than ever. The office can now be personalised in a much more meaningful way - by adapting it to your staff’s physical and psychological needs.

Finding your space

One of the main benefits of activity-based working is the fact that there's usually a space for everyone. If you like working in the kitchen with constant serendipitous interactions and the smell of coffee brewing, then you can go right ahead. If you'd prefer working in your own private space, then you could use an individual concentration space. If your team needs to have a quick meeting, then there's no need to book a meeting room - just move to one of the open collaboration areas. Or, if you feel like stretching your legs, you can work from a standing desk. Providing a space that facilitates your teams’ different working styles will help keep your staff happier and more productive throughout the day. This is probably one of the single most exciting things about modern office design - the options are endless!

Personality types

Everyone has a different creativity or productivity trigger. Some people work best at a desk with everything organised in front of them, while others will thrive in a more relaxed environment. The workplace is becoming increasingly personalised through having more and more spaces suited for different personality types. Some areas in your office will be suited for those who like less noise, yet others may prefer constant interaction. Having activity-based working areas throughout your fit out helps everyone find somewhere that suits their working style.


Ergonomics aren’t often something that receives a lot of credit for personalisation, however they are actually one of the most personalised aspects of your work setup. Just like driving someone else’s car, you’d be amazed at just how personalised your desk ergonomics are. The lumbar support is spot on, the seat height just how you like it and your monitors adjusted for your correct height. These all impact your posture - reducing neck pains and sore muscles, enhancing physical wellbeing over time.