Looking up, you see a light flicker in the stairway beyond. A cold breeze blows, ruffling your hair and bringing a chill down your spine...

Were they footsteps? You bravely step out from behind your desk and tiptoe around the corner of the stationery cabinet. But as you turn around, you turn to ice as you’re faced with a life-size monster with huge fangs and scales down its back! You go to scream, but then you realise it’s just the monster graphics on your office walls!

Yes, it’s Halloween and we wanted to join in the fiendish fun by celebrating some frightfully good office designs that have proven to be real ‘thrillers’ for their employees. These dead-cool offices certainly put the ‘fang’ into fangtastic fit out!

An Anomaly in Office Design

We always thoughts that working in a creative agency in London would be a scream but for staff working at Anomaly, they may think they’ve died and gone to heaven! As their name suggests, these guys like to do things differently. So when they found out their new office was built on a plague burial ground, there was no question that this history should be celebrated. The resulting neon and black mural looks at first glance like a colourful, abstract design. Yet the image takes on a more eery reflection as you realise that what you’re actually looking at an x-ray graphic of a pile of bones…now that’s dead-cool.

Anomaly casual workspace fit out
Autodesk staff lockers wall detail

Monster Fit Out at Autodesk

Remember those scary video games with unimaginable monsters you played in your youth? The chances are those characters were modelled using Autodesk software - the leading industry software in 3D graphics. So it’s now clear why Autodesk’s office has a monster reputation for alternative design. The wall art around their workspace celebrates the infamous characters and monsters that can be made using their software, promoting the imagination and innovation of their internal teams. Let’s just hope no-one is so scared that they try to ‘desk-ape’!

Seeing the Walking Dead at AMC Networks

As broadcaster of one of the scariest series on TV, the staff at AMC Networks are no strangers to seeing the Walking Dead. Perhaps that’s why they had no concerns choosing a site for their new London office overlooking a Victorian graveyard! Their freakishly good choice in office location is no surprise for a TV broadcaster representing one of the most unlikely hit TV shows on our screens. Their innovative approach to broadcasting is clearly reflected in their office design with highlights including their own cinema and a ‘genius bar’ IT helpdesk.