Natural light, movement and nature are integral elements in designing an office that boosts our wellbeing.

Natural light and biophilia

Access to natural light and biophilic design elements like wood, plants and other natural finishes have been found to boost wellbeing - with tangible results. As humans, we feel more content and at ease when we’re close to natural elements, so incorporating these into an office design is an increasingly common way to promote wellbeing.

It’s time to stretch

Health problems arising from sitting at a desk all day are increasingly highlighted by new research. Investing in quality chairs that provide support and reduce back problems is one way to alleviate some of these issues. If you need to make a business case for quality ergonomics, you could survey staff or talk to your HR team to find out what proportion of staff are taking time off or visiting the physio with back-related issues.

Don’t forget mental wellbeing

We shouldn’t forget wellbeing is about more than just physical and mental health. Psychologically, if we feel happy and empowered in our jobs then this will also boost our wellbeing. Providing workspaces that offer people the choice, variety and freedom to work how and when they want, for example in an Activity Based Workplace, will also boost their sense of wellbeing.

The ultimate workplace

Great office design is about creating workspaces that help people be their best. In order for someone to do their best work, an office needs to provide an environment which supports them both physically and emotionally. It should help them feel calm and collected, yet also inspired. A great office is a living place that continually evolves with your people and your brand.