While the pandemic has fundamentally changed the role of the office, it’s also accelerated the rise in more diverse fit out options for tenants.

When looking for a new office space, tenants truly have more choice than ever before; from simple co-working spaces and serviced offices through to a full Cat B Fit Out. Read on to explore a more recent type of fit out and office space option: Cat A Plus.

What is a Cat A Plus fit out?

A midpoint between the traditional bounds of Cat A and Cat B fit outs, Cat A plus is essentially a plug-and-play office setup provided by landlords. This means that all a prospective tenant needs to move in, is their staff, coffee beans and IT equipment.

While Cat B fit outs are heavily tailored to the tenant’s culture, brand and working style, Cat A Plus fit outs are provided by the landlord, meaning they are often a stylish blank canvas that can work for a broad range of tenants, regardless of industry. They still provide a base of amenities and furniture that tenants may need; from workstations and desks, to furnished breakout spaces and even tea points, kitchens and increasingly often, coffee machines.

Cat A vs Cat A Plus

Cat a plus office design
Cat a office design

Who is a Cat A Plus fit out for?

With the recent advent of co-working spaces and serviced offices, more tenants are looking for office space that is ready to occupy and move into. This often suits smaller companies that are looking to avoid a longer term investment in a customised Cat B fit out.

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What makes Cat A Plus a good choice for tenants?

Fewer upfront costs

Since tenants can just move into their new workplace with minimal adjustments and investment. This means that spaces that may have been financially out-of-reach for smaller companies are now viable options with fewer upfront costs and fixed overheads.

More flexible lease terms

Since tenants will be moving into the space provided by a landlord, there’s no need for a ‘make good’ clause at the end of the lease whereby the tenant needs to return the space to its original Cat A condition.

A seamless occupant experience

When landlords provide a Cat A Plus fit out, they can go a step further and ensure that the facilities in individual tenant spaces are complemented by other shared communal areas; creating a campus-style workplace for their occupants.

More shared spaces

Depending on the size of development and landlord, Cat A Plus spaces are often complemented by an increase in communal spaces for tenants to utilise; providing a mix of personal office space and communal co-working or breakout areas.


Since the tenant will be using the Cat A plus facilities provided by the landlord, there’s no risk of superfluous M&E that is stripped out and replaced in the tenant’s Cat B fit out. This also encourages landlords to invest in quality M&E, insulation and flooring; knowing that they will be used for the long term.

The outcome: A truly flexible option

Cat A plus is just as flexible for landlords as it is for tenants, as landlords can target different tenants with a range of lease terms for the different spaces in their development. We recently worked closely with Legal & General Asset Management to refurbish one of their assets with stunning Cat A and Cat A Plus fit outs.

We undertook a ‘traditional’ Cat A fit out on their larger floorplates so they could accommodate a long-term tenant looking to make their mark. However, on the smaller floorplates, we undertook a Cat A Plus fit out, providing ready-to-go offices.

Complete with furniture, workspaces, base IT and even a coffee machine, these spaces would be attractive to smaller companies looking to move out of shared or serviced offices, and into their own premium workplace – all without the overheads of investing in their own customised Cat B fit out.

cat a plus open plan fit out
cat a plus office kitchen fit out
Cat a plus communal area fit out