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By Adrian Norman
Head of Design - Southern |

We recently held a live webinar where our two heads of design, Paul Dare and Adrian Norman, discussed upcoming office design trends to help you focus your fit out investment in the right place.

This is the third post in our follow-up series, which explores the topics in more depth. Adrian discusses how the right furniture can make or break your office design.

Flexibility through furniture

Designing flexible spaces isn’t new. We’ve been banging on about multi-functional spaces and design strategies for some time now. Whether it’s meeting rooms with retractable walls, easy-to-move re-configuring furniture or large staff areas for a myriad of purposes.

Enabling activity-based working

The rise of activity based working and the fact it’s become so mainstream is placing demands on the furniture we specify, as well as physical space requirements. Our needs for collaboration and concentration are in constant flux throughout the day so we need flexible solutions; ones which allow staff to work cohesively, whether completing individual or team tasks. The furniture industry has really taken on this brief, particularly with ‘churn and change’. They’re providing meeting booths, phone pods and study nooks which can be easily assembled, disassembled and moved.

One of our office design and build projects in Bristol is a great example of what can be achieved, even in a relatively small space. Our client wanted to draw employees into a central hub of the 5,000 sq ft space and encourage team working. The space needed to be comfortable for a handful of people or a whole department. Every desk is fitted with locking caster wheels, everyone has excellent Wi-Fi access and power is provided on a pulley system. There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to be tied down!

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