Senior Designer, Stefania Altimare, nominated for Mix Interiors 30 under 30.

Mix Interiors July 2020 issue profiles 30 designers under 30 who have had a significant impact on the commercial interiors industry. All of these individuals have contributed to the future of the industry and changed the way that thousands of people work and interact within their workplace on a daily basis.

We'd like to extend our support to all of the nominees and congratulate Stefania on this special accolade.

Stefania Altimare nominated for Mix Interiors' 30 under 30

"Stafania is a highly motivated, creative and innovative designer. She possesses an amazing ‘can do’ attitude that makes her an absolute pleasure to work with. Her infectious smile and charisma can always be felt in any environment she’s in.

When Stef first came to Morgan Lovell, it was apparent the skills she brought with her were a good foundation to build on and she hasn’t slowed down on her willingness to learn new skills and keep abreast of new ways of working in the workplace sector. Stef has been involved in several major projects at Morgan Lovell and special mention has to go to the relocation project of the Body Shop headquarters from Croydon to London Bridge. The Body Shop wanted solutions that were forward-thinking and highly sustainable. The design needed to offer a higher grade. Of workplace from the Croydon office as well as being highly effective for the end user. The feedback from The Body Shop was that Stef came up with elements of design that truly reflected their values and staff were no incredibly proud of where they worked.

Stef is a keen health enthusiast and plays volleyball twice a week, as well as participating in regular gym and jogging sessions."

Mix Interiors, July 2020