Unveiling a new harmonic London haven for Gibson Guitars

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Soho, the melodies of Gibson found a new stage, their striking showroom and office space featuring a guitar carousel, secret bar and stage area.

"We felt like we needed someone we could trust and Morgan Lovell brought that. Working with the team was great."

Lee Bartram, Head of marketing & Cultural Influence, Gibson

Key features

  • Hybrid office/retail space
  • Secret bar
  • Branding elements
  • Collaboratively designed and delivered
  • Two 'garage' areas
  • Custom guitar studio
  • Stage area
  • Guitar carousel

Gibson had a bold aspiration, a space that transcends the conventional concept of a guitar shop and create an experience reminiscent of their acclaimed flagship space in Nashville. Their vision went beyond merely selling guitars; it aimed to encapsulate the soul of Nashville within the bustling streets of London, the second of its kind for the brand. Our mission was clear: to craft an environment that resonated with the essence of Gibson, providing a space for everyone to enjoy.

Striking the perfect chord

In response to Gibson's clear vision for their new London space, we incorporated a medley of design features that echoed the brand's ethos. At the heart of our solution was the creation of a bespoke guitar room, offering customers the exclusive opportunity to design their dream guitars, a unique offering in the UK. This bespoke room not only elevates the retail experience but also serves as a testament to Gibson's commitment to craftsmanship and customisation. Delicate touches associated with the craftmanship of Gibson have also been incorporated into the design of the space and create a clear synergy with the brand. If you're lucky enough to get the invite, we've also included a secret bar accessed through a red phonebox, a quirky but popular feature. Under the same roof, we've also created office space to house Gibson's marketing department. Challenges were embraced as opportunities for innovation, putting a focus on a narrative that integrates Gibson's heritage with the contemporary vibrancy of London.

London's calling

The 'Gibson Garage' represents a merging of cultures with nods to London and Nashville and the creation of an immersive experience that not only elevates the retail space but also transforms it into a destination, a haven where music enthusiasts can meet and indulge in the legacy of Gibson.

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