We have secured our partnership with BPIC as we work together to enhance representation and advocate for inclusion best practices in the fit out industry.

With over 100 employees, across eight divisions throughout the UK, diversity, equity and inclusion is essential to our everyday business practices. We recognise the importance of addressing diversity and inclusion issues in the construction industry and we are dedicated to doing so in various ways. This includes promoting family friendly working practices, operating an equal opportunities recruitment process, working with schools and colleges to increase the diversity of talent we attract, providing a range of apprenticeship and professional qualification sponsorship programmes to offer clear career development for our young people and continuing to roll out training in topics such as conscious inclusion, dignity at work and neurodiversity awareness.

We are proud to have an inclusive culture where people feel welcome to seek employment opportunities regardless of their educational or social background. We also understand we must continue our efforts to increase our gender and ethnic diversity. Partnering with BPIC enables us to take an approach that endorses as much support as possible to achieve this.

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